2 Discussions Due In 2 Hours=== A Grade Needed

Forum 1:  Debate on Comprehensive Sexuality Education Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States ( (SIECUS) recommends a comprehensive approach to sexuality Education.  Read the article Pop Culture Sex Ed: What Media Teaches Us About Sexual Health (, and reflect on the questions, “At what age should sexuality Education begin in a public school setting?  Is public or community Education an appropriate manner to teach sexuality?  What should the curriculum include or exclude?  Who should be responsible for developing and approving the curriculum?”  Respectfully debate these questions with your peers.   Forum 2: Email from the Richards Imagine that you visited this family, the Richards, last year.  You had a great time eating out, shopping, and going to the movies with them.  You recently heard that Mr. Richards lost his job as an automotive executive a few months after your visit, and their younger son, Jonah, has been hospitalized several times for a series of unexplained seizures.  The family is struggling in many ways.  Mrs. Richards sent you a long email describing how the family has changed since you saw them last.  What does the email say?  Be sure to mention employment, finances, mental health issues, medical concerns, extended family response to the family’s struggles, relations between Mr. and Mrs. Richards, the kids’ academic progress, family violence and substance use, and use of leisure time.  You can invent the details, but make sure your assumptions are based on family research found in the book or from other reputable sources.     Forum Grading Rubric   Possible points Student points Met initial post deadline (Wednesday)  10   Initial post is substantive  10   Initial post is at least 250 words& includes more than one paragraph  10   Initial post employs at least one citation  10      

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