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  Discuss how the Tuskegee Study started out and the intent of the research (3 points). o   Cite additional source(s) and include on reference page in APA (1 point) ·         What was unique about the population of Tuskegee, Alabama, as it relates to this study? (2 points) ·         Why do you believe Dr. Douglas chose Dr. Brodus and Miss Evers to participate in this study? (2 points) 8 ·         Describe at least three distinct approaches Miss Evers used to convince the men of Tuskegee to participate in the study? (3 points) ·         For each activity by Miss Evers – identify if you feel the activity constituted use of coercion, power (implicit or explicit), advocacy, or a mixture of these and explain why? (6 points) 9 ·         In what ways did the United States government use power to influence and propel this study to continue for several decades? (2 points) ·         In what ways did roles (e.g. physician, nurse), race, economics, education, or other factors contribute to this study continuing and to Miss Evers staying with the study? (6 points) 8 ·         How do you feel about Miss Evers participation in the Tuskegee Study?  (2 points) ·         What would you have done the same or differently? (3 points) ·         Why? (3 points) 8 ·         Locate another research study that violated ethical standards. o   Describe the study itself (3 points). o   Which ethical standards did it violate and how? (4 points) o   Cite additional source(s) and include on reference page in APA (1 point) 8 ·         Compare and contrast the ethical violations of the study you describe and the Tuskegee Study. In what specific ways are they similar or different?) (4 points) 4 ·         Describe specific research ethics, laws or practices (names, descriptions of protections) that exist now to prevent the issues that arose from the Tuskegee Study and other unethical studies. (4 points) o   Cite additional source(s) and include on reference page in APA (1 point) 5 ·         Written as a paper in APA, not as a bulleted list of answers ·         Paper format (correct APA 7th ed.): font (½ pt), margins/double-spacing (½ pt), page numbers (½ pt), cover page & reference page formats (½ pt) ·         Correct spelling and grammar (4 points) ·         Citations & References (correct APA 7th ed – graded in sections above with these criteria): all references are cited in paper; each reference includes all required elements (author, year, title, journal name, volume, issue if available, page number or electronic locator, URL/doi ·         Turnitin score reflective of original thought (4 points) 10 Total 60

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