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*DUE 11/25/19 @ 11AM* PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES AS RUBRIC HAS ALSO BEEN ATTACHED Course Summary Project The objectives for this assignment include:  Recognize the connection between caring for self and providing caring support behaviors to others.  Discuss the relationships between practicing nonviolence, caring and ethical behavior.  Describe the meaning of human responses associated with human caring, using analytical and interpretive skills, as well as reflection.   Utilize critical thinking skills to acquire a deeper understanding of the human condition.  Appreciate the complexity of the human response in celebrating achievements or coping with life challenges.  Project Guidelines Create a product to demonstrate personal learning and reflection related to the experience of human caring and non-violence. Your summary project must include all of the following elements:  Discuss what you have learned about caring and nonviolence   Discuss the theme, topic or person that  impacted you most in enhancing your understanding of caring and nonviolence  Reflective of the course objectives  Connect to ideas from class discussions, as well as the ideas of the presented scholars.  Connect to class readings, outside sources and/or personal experiences  Prompts and/or questions to stimulate and guide the in-class discussion.  Your summary project can take the form of an online presentation, online poster, online brochure, or a written paper. IT MUST BE NARRATED, REGARDLESS OF THE FORMAT. MOST CHOOSE TO DO A PPT OR PREZI; IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO A PAPER, THEN YOU SHOULD DO A 5 MIN. NARRATED SUMMARY. If you wish to use a different presentation method, check with the faculty.  Individual student projects will be presented on-line, NARRATED,  via discussion board and reflected and responded to by class as outlined in the course syllabus. Presentations must be 5 minutes at a minimum. Be creative! Class Readings Links and Scholars (SCHOLARS AND CLASS READINGS HAVE ALSO BEEN ATTACHED PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILES) Technology options Here are resources to assist you if you choose to utilize an online technology for your project.  1. Google Slides (slide presentation):  a. Basic Tutorial:,    2. Prezi (motion-animated presentation):  a. Basic Tutorial:, 3. PowToon (animated presentation video):  a. Basic Tutorial: 4. Lucid Press Brochure Maker (digital brochure):  a. Basic Tutorial: 5. Padlet (interactive information wall):  a. Basic Tutorial: 6. Haiku Deck (high impact slide presentation):  a. Basic Tutorial: 

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